Power of 10 Savings (P.O.T.S.) Las Vegas Travel Company

Help Keep My Money LLC Business Investment Opportunity


ConnectSource Inc. has contracted with Help Keep My Money LLC to develop and manage its Power of 10 Savings (P.O.T.S.) Las Vegas Travel Company. The travel company will initially purchase a Wyndham timeshare account from Michael Evans, who purchased it on 7/4/17 for the purpose of turning it into a business opportunity. The P.O.T.S. Las Vegas Travel Company will rent rooms at the two Wyndham resorts in Las Vegas, NV (Wyndham Grand Desert Resort and Wyndham Desert Blue Resort), and resell the rentals via online (Airbnb, Craigslist, eBay, and social networks).  An additional perk is that members of the travel company will be able to use the benefits of the timeshare membership at the same cost paid by the travel company.

Owning a high-end timeshare (like Wyndham) in a highly desirable vacation area (like Las Vegas) is more cost effective than buying a condo in Las Vegas and trying to rent it.  The Airbnb renting of rooms in Las Vegas is extremely popular and cost effective.  With the right timeshare membership, we can rent rooms at the Wyndham timeshare properties for 50% off of the normal cost (in points or dollars).  Michael Evans, Managing Member of Help Keep My Money LLC, has used his timeshare membership extensively since 7/4/17 to understand how the timeshare membership can be used and the ins and outs of the Wyndham timeshare program’s various systems (marketing, sales, and customer service).  With this knowledge, Michael has developed a business model that allows for the P.O.T.S. Las Vegas Travel Company to rent rooms to the public at or below market rates for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condos and generate an Operating Income Ratio of over 25% at the end of the first year and over 40% at the end of the second and third years.

The P.O.T.S. Las Vegas Travel Company will be a source of cash flow for investors, requiring an unleveraged cash investment of $380,000 and generating the following net income per year after taxes:

  • Year 1: $156,292 (41% annual Return on Investment)
  • Year 2: $566,880 (149% annual ROI, 190% cumulative ROI)
  • Year 3: $623,568 (164% annual ROI, 354% cumulative ROI)

Investment Opportunity

Total Required Investment: $380,000

Remaining Investment Required: $380,000 (click here to purchase Members Interest Units)

Total Available Members’ Interest Units: 380,000 units

Investment per Members’ Interest Unit: $1.00 per unit

Minimum Investment: 100 units / $100

Projected 12-month return: 41% (based on projected net income of $156,292)

Projected average annual 3-year return: 118% (based on 3-year pro forma financial statements)

Download additional information

Power of 10 Savings Las Vegas Travel Co Business Model with Pro Forma Financial Statements covering a 3-year Forecast Period as of 8-19-17

10% Referral Fee!

We also offer a 10% Referral Fee, where you will receive 10% of whatever the investor that you referred to Help Keep My Money LLC receives each year.

  • If they invest $10,000 and receive 37% in 6 months ($3,700), you will receive $370 in 6 months.
  • If they invest $10,000 and receive 16% each year for three years ($1,600/year), you will receive $160/year for three years.
  • You will receive this referral fee for as long as the investor is a client of HKMM and earns money.
  • You don’t have to be an investor to earn the 10% Referral Fee.
  • The investor has to state that they were referred by you.

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