About Help Keep My Money LLC

Help Keep My Money LLC is a Black-owned business management company based in southern California that uses researched and tested models to provide four types of services:

  1. Government Management Services: We improve government operations so they can more with less by creating systems.
  2. Real Estate Deal Management Services: We manage real estate deals for our clients and shift risk using leverage to generate double digit Returns on Investments.
  3. Financial Management Services: We provide personal finance education, services and products to individuals and families so they can keep more of their money.
  4. Business Management Services: We help small businesses and new startups increase sales and improve their efficiency of operations in order to increase the bottom line.


Michael C. Evans, Managing Partner

20+ years management experience

3 government entities

Managed $100,000,000 operating budget

Expert at developing operational systems


My Experience

I have over 20 year of operations management experience, mainly working for three government entities in California (Culver City, City of Lancaster and Santa Barbara County) and Union Pacific Railroad.  In addition to my 8 prior years of real estate experience (see below), I have experience as a Sanitation Manager (waste management and recycling), Street Maintenance Manager, Intermodal Railroad Manager and Chief Financial Officer.  I have managed government, non profit and private businesses that were dependent on their ability to generate their own revenues based on the level and quality of services in order to cover their expenses and generate profits.  There is nothing more difficult from an operations management perspective than competing with private businesses while you have to abide by government rules and regulations.  Yet I was successful in transforming each of the three government-run operations I was responsible for managing into cutting edge efficiently run operations by implementing Constant Quality Improvement (CQI) systems that automated processes and drove the bottom line by reducing costs and providing immediate service and financial information to management in order to make performance enhancing changes to day-to-day operations.  I pride myself on developing operational systems that lower costs and improve efficiency (do more with less), while not being dependent on specific people to operate the systems.  Therefore, when a key person leaves, the system continues to operate efficiently.  This is accomplished by documenting how the system works and training on the system.  When I left Culver City and the City of Lancaster, I developed operations management systems and trained staff to manage those systems.  Those systems are still in place more than 15 years later and I did the same in Santa Barbara County.

I now apply those skill sets and my business management philosophy to Help Keep My Money LLC and its clients.  As a business management company, we develop systems to help individuals, families and business keep more of their money.  There are only two ways to improve the bottom line: reduce costs or increase sales and revenue.  The only thing that anyone controls 100% is the how they spend money.  No one controls 100% of the revenue (income) they will receive.  If you are an employee, you can be fired, laid off, or downsized.  If you are a business, your sales and revenue can come in lower than projected.  We choose to focus our efforts on developing systems that maximize the use of resources to reduce costs and improve the bottom line.  When you reduce costs without decreasing sales, the cost savings drops to the bottom line.  And since we control costs, we know by exactly how much we will increase the bottom line.  So whether it’s educating individuals and families on budgeting, taxes and investing, or developing a “Bottom Line Improvement Plan™“ for a business or government agency, we know how to improve the bottom line.


  • My Story

I was an active real estate investor from 1997 – 2005 and I was paid $15K to buy my first property in 1997.  I have owned 3 properties with a combined net equity of $350K without ever putting a single penny of my own money into any real estate deal.  In 2005 I managed the purchase and sell of two Pre-Construction Flip properties in Lancaster, CA for two friends.  The first friend (R. L.) turned a $10K investment into $25K ($15K profit) over a four-month period and the second friend (E. T.) turned a $15K investment into $50K ($35K profit) over a six-month period.  I then went on to secure 9 Pre-Construction Flip properties for my family (three in Lancaster, CA and six in Frisco, TX) with a total value of $1.8 million with only $18,000 as earnest money deposits.  In a three-month period these nine properties appreciated by over $250K.  Unfortunately (due to a divorce and a business deal that fell through) I did not close on these 9 properties and my real estate investing career (along with my personal life) came to an abrupt stop.

In 2005 (age 34), I went from being financially independent with a net worth of more than $500K to being almost homeless.  I suffered a severe episode of depression that lasted more than 6 months.  As a PK (preacher’s kid), I was the “Prodigal Son” and came home to my father (I found out I was adopted at age 29) who showed me Unconditional Love after we got into an argument and had not talked for months.  I lived with my father in a 6’ x 8’ closet with no windows for 12 months and it was my father’s Unconditional Love and my girlfriend’s (current wife Tamika) daily calls and prayers that brought me back to God (as I had lost my way by letting money and material things take the place of God in my life).

Since 2006 I have crawled my way back spiritually and financially from working as a Financial Analyst through a temporary agency at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA earning $45,000/year, then an Intermodal Manager for Union Pacific Railroad in East Los Angeles and Long Beach, to working for Santa Barbara County’s Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services (ADMHS, now Behavior Wellness) Department, where I was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Deputy Director of Finance and Administration, responsible for a $106 million operating budget for FY 14-15 and earned a nice $100K+ salary. I was moved by the Holy Spirit and left Santa Barbara County at the end of September 2014 to manage Help Keep My Money LLC on a full time basis.

Both my professional and personal lives have had challenges. I have had to start over financially 3 times in my life, with the most recent being in 2015, after I left a $100K+ per year government job to start my management company. I am on my second marriage, which I almost lost in 2015 because I was unfaithful to my wife.  During the summer of 2015 I had to go on unemployment and get “on the County” in order to provide for my family.  Some may say it was a dark time, but it was actually a time for my wife and I to repair the marriage I had destroyed.



I state all this to let you know that God works in mysterious ways.  I have become an extremely spiritual person since 2015 and I’m not afraid to stand up and shout it out loud.  My spiritualty leads my life.  My intentions and actions are driven by Love. I have not been perfect and there are a lot of things in my life that I have done that I regret, but I am committed to continuing to work on myself to become the greatest version of myself.  So I hope that some of my life’s story can help someone who is going through a rough patch.

 Just remember that:

God is Love and God loves you Unconditionally.

  • We are spiritual beings first and foremost, here on earth for just a fraction of our soul’s existence.
  • Good and bad, heaven and hell, are simply states of being that reflect how close or far we are to God.
  • Develop a close personal relationship with God and reflect God’s Love through your thoughts, behavior, actions and words.
  • The most precious gift God has given us is Freewill. You always have the ability to change your circumstances simply by making a different choice.
  • No matter what happens in this life; no matter the physical, emotional and psychological pain you may suffer, there is nothing in existence that can bring harm to your soul, except for that to which you give authority.


So embrace the Spiritual Authority given to you by God, walk in faith, and allow your conscience (Holy Spirit) to guide you in this life.

Stay Blessed! 

Michael C. Evans
Managing Member

P.S. You can read about my 5 Core Beliefs in my Free e-book titled Declarations.  Feel free to pass it on.