Become a Solutions Provider!

Join Michael Evans in using your Spiritual Gifts to provide solutions to the challenges that people are facing.

Michael Evans doesn’t believe in problems, he believes in challenges.  He also believes that there is at least one (and usually more than one) opportunity in every challenge.  He has made the conscious choice to be a Solution Provider. So what is a Solution Provider?

A Solution Provider is a person who makes a conscious choice to use their Spiritual Gifts (talents and abilities that are bestowed upon our Spirit/Soul by God) to be of service to people.  Here is an excerpt from Michael’s e-book Declarations from the chapter titled “Spiritual Gifts & Purposes” that explains Spiritual Gifts in more detail.

The first step to awakening your Spiritual Gifts and realizing your Spiritual Purpose is to understand what a Spiritual Gift is.  I define a Spiritual Gift as “The ability to perform an action that provides a solution to a challenge that someone is facing.”  Here are some examples:

·         God blesses you with a beautiful voice that brings comfort to people when their feeling sad, down and out.

 ·         God blesses you with charisma to lead people.

 ·         God blesses you with the ability to comprehend complex math and science subjects so you can develop medical cures.

There are so many types of Spiritual Gifts that they are too numerous to list, but I believe that each and every one of us has been blessed by God with at least one Spiritual Gift, and many of us have more than one.  Ask the people around you what they believe is your Spiritual Gift.  What talent do they recognize in you that, when you use it, affects people?  You may be surprised by their answers.

So now that you have some understanding of what are Spiritual Gifts, the next step is how are you going to use your Spiritual Gifts.  Are you going to use them to be of service to the Ego or to the Spirit?  The choice is 100% yours to make, since God gives us free will.  Here is another excerpt from Michael’s e-book Declarations from the chapter titled “Spiritual Gifts & Purposes” that defines Spiritual Purpose.

How you use your Spiritual Gifts reflects your Spiritual Purpose.  Everyone has a Spiritual Purpose.  The question is recognizing and understanding what is your Spiritual Purpose.  Listen to the Holy Spirit and it will speak to your Soul/Spirit.  It will reveal your Spiritual Gifts and your Spiritual Purpose.  All you have to do is be still, listen and choose to be guided.

Once you recognize your Spiritual Gifts and your Spiritual Purpose, it’s time to get to work on being of service to the Spirit. It’s time for you to become a Solution Provider. Michael dedicates a chapter in his e-book Declarations titled “Be a Solution Provider“, where he explains what it means to be a Solution Provider.  Read the chapter in the book (read the whole book actually), and if the Spirit moves you to become a Solution Provider, simply join our FREE Solution Providers Google Group by completing the form below.  You’ll become part of a community that is Awakening to the fact that we are Spiritual Beings with Spiritual Authority, Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Purposes, and we choose to be of service to the Spirit.