Black People Invest Investment Club:

On behalf of the Black People Invest LLC Investment Club, I want to welcome you to the club.

You will receive an email from our members-only website with links where you can login in to create and view your club member profile and keep track of the investment opportunities the investment club is pursuing.  You’ll also have access to your Capital Account, where you will see how much you’ve contributed, how much has been invested, and your share of the investment club’s equity you own (Members’ Interest Units).

The next step is to process your Initial Contribution amount of $125.  The Initial Contribution amount is broken into two parts:

  • $25 goes into the Capital Account of the existing member who referred you. If there isn’t a referring member, then the $25 goes into the general operating account of the investment club.
  • $100 establishes your new Capital Account. If the contribution is made before the 7th of the month, then your membership is active for this month. If the contribution is made after the 7th of the month, then your new member is active as of the 1st of the upcoming month.

Ready to Invest?

Send your initial $125 contribution via PayPal to Help Keep My Money LLC (we are using Michael’s business account until the investment club sets up its own bank account):

You can also make your contribution over the phone (831-760-6711) with Michael Evans (Treasurer), who will take your information and charge your card that way.  Once we receive your payment, we will acknowledge you being added as a member at the next Sunday membership meeting, and the effect it has on the Members’ Interest Units.