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We offer a series of financial education workshops.  The first workshop in the series is so important that we offer it FREE!  The Financial Independence workshop is the foundation to your personal finance education.  This workshop defines financial independence (it’s a number) and explains what affects your personal financial independence.  Financial independence is different for everyone, but the factors that affect it and the calculation of it is the same.  We explain these factors and how they affect your financial independence based on the values you assign.  We explain how your risk tolerance determines your financial independence and we give you the tools to calculate and understand your Financial Independence Number (FIN).

Next we show you what is needed in order to reach your financial independence.  We show you what is an Asset Accumulation Plan (AAP), how it relates to your financial independence and the three factors that affect your AAP.  By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand what happens when you change these three factors and how they relate to each other.  You’ll leave the workshop with a completed Financial Independence Equation Workbook specifically for this workshop that you’ll have to reference back to whenever you need it.  Plus, you can always access our website to review and download the Financial Independence Workshop presentation FREE forever! 

Not able to attend one of our FREE workshops in person?  No problem.  You can view and download the Financial Independence Workshop files for FREE by registering below for the workshop online.  Soon you’ll be able to view an actual recording of a workshop and see the interaction between the attendees, which is part of the learning experience. 


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