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Click on the following links to download the FREE Financial Independence Workshop:

  1. Financial Independence and Self-Discipline Workshop Presentation

  2. Financial Independence and Self-Discipline Workshop Notes

  3. Financial Independence Equation Workbook

  4. Asset Accumulation Plan (AAP) Equation Worksheet (you’ll have to Enable Editing to use the file)

We are in the process of developing a video presentation of the workshop and we will email you once it is available.  In the meantime, please feel free to email us at if you need us to walk you through the workshop or if you have any questions.  We can always setup a time to have an online webinar to go over the presentation.

You now have access to watch the LIVE weekly workshop. Once you download (and print if you wish) the workshop material, click on the following link to view the LIVE workshop any Wednesday evening.  You will also have access to the prior weeks’ workshops via the video archives.  Each workshop is a different experience, so come back often, and make sure to tell friends to register.

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  Workshop Instructions

Go through the presentation with the workshop notes and the workbook.  This is meant to be a live interactive workshop where the presenter is asking you to complete the workbook as you go along, so take the time to complete the workbook and presentation at your own pace.  The purpose of the workshop is to teach you some concepts (Keywords) and show you how to calculate your Financial Independence Number (FIN), which is the total Income Producing Assets you need.


Once you complete the presentation, the workbook and you have your FIN, open the Asset Accumulation Plan (AAP) Equation Worksheet and change the yellow highlighted cells in the Excel sheet:


 1.      Income Producing Assets Goal (Your FIN) (cell B8): Enter this number first

2.      Current Investment Balance (cell B2)

3.   Annual Investment (cell C4)

3.      Number of Years Remaining (until you need the cash flow) (cell B5)

4.      Asset ROI (average annual return on your investment while you’re working) (cells B6 and C6)


As you change the values of yellow highlighted cells, the green cells in each column will change.

1.      To see how much you need to save each year, change the yellow highlighted values in the Investment column.

2.      To see how long you need to invest the same amount each year, change the yellow highlighted values in the Time column.

3.      To see what average annual rate of return you need to accomplish, change the yellow highlighted values in the ROI column.


The Excel workbook can be a little confusing, so please feel free to email us at to schedule a time for us to review the Excel file with you.

Once you’ve completed the presentation, calculated your FIN and your Asset Accumulation Plan (AAP), you’re now ready for the next step:


Your FREE “Financial Condition Assessment”