ConnectSource Inc.

Contact Info:
Michael Evans
P.O. Box 8163
Lancaster, CA 93539
Phone: 8317606711
Email: michael.evans@helpkeepmymoney.com
Quick Pitch:
The only prepaid savings card that has NO FEES EVER, and it gives you back 10% ALL OF THE TIME!


July 24, 2017
Last 12 Months Revenue:
$1 – $25,000
Amount Raising:
$1 Million
Financial Services
(Prepaid savings card with no fees)
Lancaster, CA

Company Overview:
The Power of 10 Savings (P.O.T.S.) Card will change everything. POTScard.com is projected to create 8 million users within the first 12 months while generating over $5 million in top line revenue and net income of $3.2 million over the same time period.
Business Model:
We entice people to open a prepaid savings card to get 10% back when they Shop, Save or Share. We charge merchants a 15% performance-based sales commission when our members use our Closed Loop Payment System to purchase their products and services. We invest unused prepaid balances and earn at least 20% cash on cash ROI per year using 14 different investment models.
Market Size and Description:
Market size and description is the same as Amazon’s, Facebook’s and Googles.
Management Team:
Michael C. Evans, Founder : I have more than 20 years of operations management experience working for three government agencies developing, implementing and managing complex operational and financial systems. My last government job was from 2009 – 2014 where I was the Chief Financial Officer for Santa Barbara County’s Mental Health Department (formerly ADMHS, now Behavioral Health) and I was responsible for developing and managing a $100+ million annual operating budget.
Amazon for our Merchant Network. Facebook for our Card membership, PayPal for our Closed Loop Payment System. Google for our performance-based targeted advertising and marketing services.
Competitive Advantage:
The P.O.T.S. Card focuses first and foremost on the U.S. population that uses prepaid debit cards (10M). There is no prepaid debit card that has NO FEES and gives its users back 10% when they use it. Our savings card is not a debit card, but rather a prepaid card to be used exclusively on our Closed Loop Payment System (like the Target Red Card).
prepaid savings card, performance-based marketing, network marketing, social network, ecommerce
Those who use prepaid debit cards (10M), those who use social networks, those who use Amazon to shop, those who use Google to search.
Development Stage:
Product Launched
Number of Employees:
Current Financing & Sources:
None. In the process of raising working capital of $20,000 to cover the next 30 days while I raise $300,000 in seed capital over the next 30 days.