Receive a 10% referral credit for sharing this gift with friends!

You receive a 10% referral credit whenever a person you referred earns a credit.  It doesn’t matter the reason for credit: 10% or more back from a purchase or 10% annually from their P.O.T.S. card balance.  You receive 10% of what they receive.  Here’s an example:

I refer John to buy a P.O.T.S. card.  John spends $100 with his P.O.T.S. card and he receives a $10 credit.  I automatically receive a $1 referral credit (10% of $10) just for referring John.  Next John purchases a house through HKMM’s Real Estate Management Services and puts down a deposit of $10,000.  John receives an annual credit of $1,000 on his deposit, and I receive an annual referral credit of $100 (10% of $1,000).

It’s that simple (we like to keep things simple).  We do all the tracking and we post referral credits every month.  Referral credits are like any other credit that you can Spend, Save or Stop (cash out*).  There is no “minimum” referral amount that you have to earn before we give you the referral credit.  The only requirement is that you have a P.O.T.S. card so we can apply the referral credit.

Purchase a P.O.T.S. card now in $10 increments with a minimum purchase of only $10.00!


* Please allow up to 90 days to process cash refunds.  You will immediately stop receiving monthly credits on balances for which you have requested cash refunds.