Become Financially Independent with the P.O.T.S. card!

We’ve explained how you can use the P.O.T.S. card to receive at least a 10% credit on your purchases; now let’s talk about how you can use the P.O.T.S. card to become Financially Independent.  Where else can you purchase an asset that grows in value by 10% annually that is 100% fully refundable at any time*?  If you put your money into a savings account at a bank, you’ll receive less than 1% per year in interest.  The stock market has had an annual rate of return of about 10% for the last 115 years, but there’s a lot of risk involved in any single year and you are not guaranteed to receive 10% each and every year.  So how are we able to give you a 10% annual credit on the balance of your P.O.T.S. card?

We take your money, combine it with other clients’ money, and we use it to invest in our company’s services and products.  Our company’s Appreciation Investment Models generate at least a 25% Return on Investment (ROI) over a 6-month period, while our company’s Cash Flow Investment Models generate at least 12% ROI over a 12-month period.  So if we use $10,000 in cash from the P.O.T.S. cards, we will turn that into at least $12,500 over 6 months, and then turn that into $15,625 by the end of 12 months using our Appreciation Investment Models.  We then give back the $10,000 plus $1,000 (10%) to the P.O.T.S. cards.  We are left with a net of $4,625, which we continue to use in our appreciation investments that have an ROI of 25%.  In a worst-case scenario, we invest the money in our Cash Flow Investment Models and turn $10,000 into $11,200 over a 12-month period and we’re left with an amount of $200.

Financial institutions are built on this “arbitrage” system of buying money at a low rate (the less than 1% they give you in your savings account) and then selling money a higher rate (giving you a loan at rates that are 400% – 1,800% higher than their costs).  Because we operate from a position of Love (which is God’s position) and we want people to become financially independent, we are using the P.O.T.S. card to allow the average person to become the lender rather than the borrower, and to participate in investments that only the rich have been able to take advantage of (until now).

Purchase a P.O.T.S. card now in $10 increments with a minimum purchase of only $10.00!


* Please allow up to 90 days to process cash refunds.  You will immediately stop receiving monthly credits on balances for which you have requested cash refunds.