Power of 10 Savings (P.O.T.S.) Card Account Initial Deposit


Fund your P.O.T.S. Card Account via PayPal (or if you deposited cash) by choosing how many increments of $10 you want for your initial deposit.


Join the Financial Independence Revolution and become the Lender rather than the Borrower!

The only prepaid savings card that has NO FEES EVER, and it gives you back 10% ALL OF THE TIME!

Each person who opens a P.O.T.S. Card Account prior to October 1, 2017 is considered an Early Adopter and will receive an extra one-time Savings Credit equal to 10% of their initial deposit!

This Savings Credit will be available for use (or cash out) on November 1, 2017.

So if your initial deposit is $100, you’ll not only earn 10% per year in Savings Credits applied daily, but you’ll also earn an extra one-time Savings Credit of $10 that will be applied to your P.O.T.S. Card Account on 11/1/17.


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