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On Father’s Day 2014, Michael C. Evans had an epiphany. The Spirit spoke to Michael and told him to go back to church.  Michael is a PK (preacher’s kid) and hadn’t been to church since he was 16 years old (over 25 years) because he witnessed how hypocritical religious leaders were.

Michael told the Spirit, “You know I don’t do church.”

The Spirit responded, “Go to church and listen to what the preacher speaks.  I will give you discernment to get out of the message what I need you to get, and I want you to write it down.”

Michael said OK, and for the next 3 months (summer of 2014), Michael went to church each Sunday, listening to the minister preach and writing down what the Spirit told him to write down (most of the time Michael didn’t even fully comprehend what he was writing).  After 3 months, Michael stopped going to church and stopped writing.

Then in October 2016, Michael had another epiphany. Among other things, the Spirit stated to Michael, “Remember when I told you to go to church and write down what I told you to write?”

Michael responded, “Yes.”, but he hadn’t even looked at the writings since he wrote them over 2 years ago.

The Spirit replied, “Now I want to go back, take those writings and put them in a book, and give the book away.”

On that day in October 2016, Michael had made the decision to humble himself to the Spirit and to follow whatever the Spirit said, without question. And so the book “Declarations: Written my Michael C. Evans, inspired by God” was created and published online.

The book starts with Michael’s 5 Core Beliefs as told to him by the Spirit. These core beliefs work for Michael and they may (or may not) work for you.  Ask the Spirit to give you discernment so you can get out of the book what the Spirit intends for you to get out of it.  The remaining 10 Declarations expand upon the 5 Core Beliefs and the book ends with the Believer’s Prayer, a prayer given to Michael back in 2014 by the Spirit.  For Michael, the Believer’s Prayer has as much power as the Lord’s Prayer in the bible (and why wouldn’t it? They were both inspired by God).

We hope that you enjoy the book and that helps you AWAKE to the fact that:

  1. You (and everyone) are a Spiritual Being first and foremost, here on earth as a Human Being to have experiences.

  2. Your Spirit is of God, and like God, it has always existed and will always.

  3. You are an infinite Spiritual Energy Being, and there is nothing in existence that can cause harm to your Spirit.

  4. Therefore, choose to live your life FEARLESSLY!

Remember, Believe IT, Declare IT, and Do IT!

Stay Blessed!


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