Step 3: Earn more than 10% annually investing in real estate with as little as $101!

We don’t hit home runs. We hit singles and doubles.

And we never, ever…EVER, EVER strikeout!

Help Keep My Money LLC is revolutionizing real estate investing. Through our Real Estate Deal Management System ( and with as little as $101, you will earn:

  • 10% and 12% per year on the purchase of real estate

  • At least 25% within 6 months on the sale of real estate

  • At least 10% per year after taxes on the rental of real estate

How it Works

  1. We’ve developed a real estate deal management system (REDMS) that identifies investment properties in the Midwest and South.
  2. We then use our finance company (with your investment) to finance the purchase of those properties.
  3. We use our flip company (with your investment) to purchase, rehab, and sell those properties within 6 months of purchase for at least a 25% cash on cash return.
  4. If we can’t sell the property within the 6 months of purchase, we sell the house to our buy and hold company, which makes sure that the flip company makes its 25% cash on cash return.
  5. The buy and hold company (using your investment) buys the property from the flip company and rents it until it can sell the property. The buy and hold company makes at least a 10% annualized cash on cash return after taxes.

We use the power of leverage, while managing and shifting risk, to generate double digit annual returns. We control all aspects of the deal (finance, purchase, rehab, sale and rent), and our REDMS manages (and shifts) risk away from our companies and our investors.

Flipping houses isn’t new. Renting houses isn’t new. What is new is how we use leverage to flip and rent houses. We are revolutionizing real estate investing. With as little as $101, you can be part of this revolution. You can earn double digit annual returns like rich people. Real estate investing will never be the same.

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